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Advanced driver.


Licensed drivers wanting to improve skill

Those who haven’t driven for a while

Professional drivers

Moving to the uk

This course is open to individuals who already hold a full driving license and is designed to help you feel confident and capable in any road situation. Tuition covers the advanced content of our Learner Driver Programme, without the on-road ‘Learning to Drive’ modules.

Our Advanced Driver programme is ideal for inexperienced drivers who want to improve their skills after passing a UK driving test, or for anyone driving in the UK for the first time and adapting to right-hand drive. 

This is also a great refresher course for those who haven’t driven for a long period, or for employers who want to know that their staff are confident, safe and capable drivers (e.g. nannies or close protection security.)


  • Training at a private test track on low friction surfaces, simulating extreme weather conditions. 
  • Skid avoidance training using a ‘kick plate’ technology system that simulates a loss of car control (taught at a private track.)
  • Emergency braking, rapid lane change and avoidance techniques (taught at a private track.)
  • Evasive driving techniques, if requested.

Before you embark on the course, DTO Performance will conduct an on-road driving assessment to tailor content to your driving requirements.

Do you want to improve your driving skills? Contact us today to discuss in more detail.

” After practicing skid avoidance training on a private track, I felt considerably more capable behind the wheel “

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