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Learner Drivers

We believe that our current UK driving test fails to prepare learners for the challenges of real-world driving.

Our mission is to prevent your son or daughter from becoming a statistic, helping to reduce the chance of incidents by teaching safe, defensive but enjoyable driving techniques.

Our Learner Driver programme can combine theory with both public highway and private test-track learning, including the use of skid pans and simulators. Teaching equips first-time and inexperienced drivers with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to become capable, confident and safe behind the wheel.

This thoughtfully designed, expertly executed course places an emphasis on investing in key driving skills that will last a lifetime, with students gaining experience on multiple surfaces in different road and weather conditions. Passing a standard UK driving test is a by-product of our Learner Driver Programme, rather than its objective.


  • Motorway driving in both light and heavy traffic, covering lane changing, braking distances and safe entry / exit skills.
  • Night driving in a variety of road environments, including town, country-lane and motorway.
  • Training at an advanced private test track on low friction surfaces, simulating extreme weather conditions. 
  • Skid avoidance training using a ‘kick plate’ technology system that simulates a loss of car control (taught at a private track.)
  • Emergency braking, rapid lane change and avoidance techniques (taught at a private track.)
  • Public road sessions focused on adjusting driving style to suit traffic levels along with weather and road conditions. 
  • The use of driving simulators for training in road awareness, hazard perception and avoidance. 
  • Concierge managed. All students have a training liaison manager who will take care of co-ordinating driving sessions and booking theory and practical tests.

Skills are not taught in a 20-minute box ticking sessions, but will be coached until both student and instructor feel comfortable and confident. The programme also provides on-going support for up to six months after hands-on training comes to an end, ensuring that new drivers continue to develop.

Do you want to become a safer driver for life? Contact us today.

” DTO’s Learner Driver Programme was the perfect enabler for me “

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