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Today’s performance cars have incredible capabilities in terms of acceleration, braking and handling. Professional training and a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics and car control, however, is critical to ensure that you can safely and confidently drive these vehicles.

Performance Driver is a comprehensive programme that gives you the skills needed to safely enjoy the capabilities of your performance car with content tailored to your individual aspirations.

The Performance Driver Programme has safe driving as its core component – so that you can enjoy your performance car confidently and handle it expertly, while protecting yourself and other road users.


  • A detailed analysis of the performance, handling and risk characteristics of the vehicles you drive.
  • A theoretical workshop, explaining vehicle dynamics and how these interact under varying driving conditions.
  •  Development of your understanding of varying road conditions, including temperature and precipitation, etc, and the impacts on driving style.
  • A practical session at a private test facility, equipped with low friction surfaces to simulate extreme road conditions like snow and ice.

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” Understanding the dynamics of my car, has given me a lot more confidence “

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